GardenWall Growing System

For herbs, salads and flowers

GardenWall is a Finnish design product. Special attention has been paid to functionality and materials.

GardenWall is a growing system for herbs, salads and flowers. GardenWall growing system consists of a solid wood rack and pots manufactured from a natural fibre based biocomposite.

GardenWall growing system can be used indoors and in decked spaces outdoors. GardenWall pots are easy to detach from the rack when cooking or planting seedlings.

The GardenWall pots are made of weatherproof natural fibre composite material that consists of polypropane polymers and 40% of renewable cellolose fibres. The cellulose fibres give the pots an warm and natural surface and increases the rigidity. The biocomposite is suited for food contact. The pots can also be used as storage containers.

Please notice, that the colour of the pots may vary slightly due to the variations in the colour of the cellulose fibres.

GardenWall package contains five GardenWall pots. In order to complete the growing system, please purchase the GardenWall rack.

GardenWall rack is manufactured from a high quality solid birch treated with a wax for a durable surface. GardenWall rack package contains a GardenWall rack and assembly instructions.GardenWall growing system can be build up by purchasing multiple racks.